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Tenants in Peterborough

Finding a suitable property for you

  • From our large selection of properties available finding you a suitable property is our utmost priority.
  • New properties are updated on our website on a daily basis
    Office opening hours have been extended to ensure we can assist you when viewing a property
  • Our office hours are 9am to 5.30pm Monday to  Friday and 9am to 4pm on  Saturdays

Applying for a tenancy

  • You will need to complete our tenancy application form, provide proof of ID and UK Residency. Please click here to view/Print our 'Apply for a Property' application form.
  • A small fee is required, once all necessary checks are carried out (credit referencing, employment checks, residency checks)


Deposits are required on all properties

  • The deposit is usually the equivalent to the rent
  • Deposits are kept in a tenancy deposit scheme and are paid once the final property inspection is carried out, after 14 days of the tenancy deposit scheme receiving all the necessary paperwork. If there are any disputes this can take longer
  • Majority of properties are let on assured short hold tenancy with initial 6 month period
  • Tenancy can only be terminated with a valid 2 months notice from the rent date on expiration of the fixed term

Move In

• Once all agreements are signed and the start date has been agreed, the rent will be collected • Inventory is carried out
• Local authority is informed of your move
• Registration of utility bills, telephone, TV and broadband services are the responsibility of the tenant

Inventory/Routine Inspections

Inventory is carried out at the start of the tenancy

• Routine inspections are carried out every three months
• Move out inspection is carried out on tenants vacating the property
• All inspections are carried out by our experienced Inventory team

Property Repairs & Maintenance

• During the tenancy all repairs must be reported to the office
• Repairs are handled by our repairs team
• Minor repairs such as blocked drain, electric bulbs etc. must be carried out by the tenant
• The tenant is obligated to take care of the property and ensure that repairs are reported immediately, click here to use our on-line Maintenance Issue eForm

Moving Out

   • Once the tenancy is completed and a move out date is agreed through adequate notice, the tenancy will terminate
   • On termination of the tenancy a final inspection is carried out between tenant, landlord and agent.
   • Subject to a satisfactory inspection and all rent due cleared, the deposit is released by the tenancy deposit scheme